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If you are planning on running a sporting event, or any event where you need to display multiple video feeds, an audio switch is a great resource.

This buying guide will teach you about several important features you should make sure to look out for when purchasing a video switch. To learn more about factors to consider when purchasing a switch, check out our full-length buying guide.

Features To Look For

Video Quality

One of the biggest issues that buyers have with their video switches is that it decreases the quality of the video to the point where it is unusable.

To make sure that your video is still clear, you’ll want to pick a video switch that maintains an output quality of at least 1080 p.

Inputs and Outputs

Before going to purchase your video switch you’ll want to have a clear idea of how many inputs and outputs you are going to need.

Inputs are the connections used to provide the device with the original video. You’ll need one connection per source of video that you want to use.

Outputs are the connections that project the video after it has been processed by the switch. You’ll also need one output per screen that you want to play the video on.

Most switches only come with one output, but you can find more expensive commercial versions that have multiple outputs as well as inputs. 

Power Source

Video switches come with two power source options, battery-powered or plugged-in. 

Battery-powered switches are more transportable. However, with their limited battery life, they are less reliable and prone to dying mid-stream.

Video switches that need to be plugged in are more difficult to transport and set up, but they have the benefit of being more reliable. They are also more powerful which allows them to support more inputs and outputs.

How To Pick a Video Switch