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Collection: Network Analysers

A network analyzer, also known as a network protocol analyzer or sometimes a packet analyzer by others, is a software program, specialized appliance, or combination of features inside a network component that is primarily used to improve security from hostile activities inside a business network or used to troubleshoot network efficiency. In order to do this, network analyzers gather data packets as they move through a system.


Network analyzers can be configured and run on a target device with the purpose of providing captured information, or they can be introduced into the network, generally at a network port, to concurrently analyze packet capture data for several devices.


Network analyzers are utilized to associate systems or areas of the system that are starting to cause traffic flow slowdowns, new or unique levels of network traffic, and find and point out unusual packet attributes. They also provide thorough network packet data that clarifies what connected devices are interacting with and which protocol or connector is being employed.


Additionally, they are used to customize alarms and notifications for clearly delineated threats, monitor bandwidth usage as a function of time, create application-specific apps, quest for particular data strings in unencrypted packet payloads, and showcase all statistical data on a control panel.


It has never been so important for companies to ensure that their networks are safe from infiltration by outside parties looking to do harm to it. That is why a network analyzer has never been so important for a modern business, especially one that relies upon its digital infrastructure so much.


A network analyzer should be used by any size business, both big and small. In fact, a small business really needs to make sure it invests in such a thing because they are most susceptible to easy penetration by hackers who are looking to install ransomware or steal private information.

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