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Collection: InfiniBand Cables

Infiniband cables appear similar to ethernet cables for many people, but they are very different. Since the connectors and the cables appear the same, many people make the mistake that they can use them interchangeably.


Infiniband is used for many different purposes and sectors making them a versatile cable to own whether for your business or home. Our cables offer multicast operations as well as being able to link point to point for signals.


You can use all our Infinibands for high-performance data transmission and for computer cluster applications.

Features and Tips


When looking for the right Infiniband, you want to make sure you are getting a high-quality one. You should also know what makes it so different from ethernet cables so you know when to buy one over the other.

Important Technology


We know that InfiniBand is often the heart of the data centers you have for your home or business networks. That’s why we only sell high-quality cables that you can use for years with high performance.

Offload Network


InfiniBand is one of the most efficient ways to operate your network. You can transport more data without the need for high amounts of overhead.

Network Technology


InfiniBand and Ethernet have many of the same networking qualities. For example, they both use a technology called 50 GB/s SerDes. They have shared the same data since being created but InfiniBand has a higher networking speed that can use more than one switch port when used with ethernet.

InfiniBand is Not Going Anywhere


Some people say that InfiniBand will soon disappear and be replaced by ethernet, but this is not possible. InfiniBand is the core of networking and these cables will always be around.

InfiniBand Cables Buyer’s Guide