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If you need to upgrade your living room, there’s one thing to have in mind. TV Stands and Entertainment Centres might be your best option. You might be putting together a home theater system and need the additional space.


This guide will come in handy so you know what common features to look for. We’ll also provide you with a buyer’s guide so you know what factors you need to consider. Once complete, you should have a TV stand or entertainment centre that will fit your needs.


Let’s begin this guide with the features you need to know about TV stands/entertainment centres.

Features To Look For



TV stands and entertainment centres come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll want something that will be large enough for any equipment you need to connect to your TV. Your TV size should play a central role in choosing something with this feature along.



A TV stand or entertainment centre will come with a specific number of shelves. The larger the size, the more shelves it will have. Again, the number of equipment you plan on using may determine the number of shelves you need.

Special features


Some TV stands and entertainment features may be interesting to some people. These may include something that can be used as a wine rack. Or it can be a ‘faux fireplace’.


These may be features that won’t satisfy your critical needs. However, they may bring a bit of charm to your living room. You don’t have to choose a TV stand or entertainment centre with these special features if you don’t need to.


If you want something with just regular storage space, that’s all up to you. However, some may choose a TV stand based on some interesting features (and that’s OK). It only might upgrade the aesthetics and nothing more.




TV stands and entertainment centres come in different materials. However, some may provide more stability than others. On top of that, durability will also play a role as well.


You want to find a TV stand or entertainment centre that will last a long time. Meanwhile, it should also be sturdy enough to handle any equipment whether it’s lightweight or heavy. It would also be a good idea to know the weight limit of your TV stand/entertainment centre before you choose one.

TV Stands & Entertainment Centre Buyer's Guide