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We all know about the big alarms and locks. Security alarms, car alarms, fire alarms, and locks for your doors and windows. However, did you know that there are locks and alarms for your smaller devices as well? Your computers and other plugs can also be secured to prevent others from accessing them or stealing them, and there are lots of things that you can do to keep your devices secure from unwanted physical access.


Here are some of the best features that you need to look for whenever it comes to physical locks and alarms for your devices.

Make Sure The Laptop Lock Is Compatible

Most laptop locks are very compatible with a wide variety of laptops. You just need to plug the laptop lock into the universal slot of the laptop, and they can turn your laptop into an immobile and theft proof machine. Still, if you have a special type of laptop, such as your work laptop, it is worth doing some research to ensure compatibility.

Make Sure The Keys Are Easy To Manage

Of course, every single lock in the world is useless if you don’t have the keys, and the keys for these laptop locks are often very small. While you can get some locks that solely use combination locks to disregard the keys, it’s often better to get the keys, and make sure that you can manage them and access them whenever you need to free your laptop.

Ensure You Have Something To Chain It Too

Laptop chains work just like bicycle chains, where you can attach the chain to the bicycle and then need to loop the chain around something else to actually secure the bike. You will need to take the laptop chain and secure it to something heavy as well, so make sure you have that.

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