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A desktop computer is a type of personal computer, or PC, that is designed for desk or table top usage. This contrasts with both old-fashioned computer systems, which are not intended for desk-based use, and laptop devices, which are designed to be readily transported from one place to the other.


Since most computers needed a large amount of space, this kind of computer was initially thought of as a very miniature form of one. These days, with computers getting increasingly compact, it is seen as the bigger end of the computing spectrum.


The majority of the desktop computer's parts, including the CPU, hard drive, and Memory, would be housed in a single case that sat horizontally at a workstation with this form of computer. A mouse and keyboard was then connected to the computer case, which would then have a monitor placed atop it.


For many reasons throughout history, desktop computers have been preferred to laptops. For starters, these computers are typically less expensive than a comparable powered laptop because the components can be significantly bulkier. Nevertheless, the price gap has narrowed over the recent years, turning laptops into a far more popular option.

But, a desktop computer can still incorporate more resounding parts and components and features than a laptop within the same generation, offering users the better choice for high-performance jobs like design, gaming, and audio and video editing.


Desktop computers are still possibly the most popular type of PC that is bought by people and they can be used for a wide variety of reasons. There are multiple major companies that offer desktop computers, such as Microsoft, Dell, Apple, and many more.


The variety of desktop computer options on the market means that it can be harder to buy one and there are certain things to keep in mind when you are shopping for one. Keeping these things in mind will limit the hard work and anxiety that goes into making the big purchase of a dekstop computer.

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