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Collection: Panduit Power Distribution Units PDUs

Panduit PDU, connectivity hardware solutions increase scalability, power, cooling efficiency, and product quality, leading to minimized network downtime and improved data center productivity.

Panduit's SmartZone™ G5 PDUs provide customizable power distribution for the data center, and an uninterruptable power supply. This line of PDUs assists in managing mission-critical IT needs by continually scanning for electrical circuit overloads and environmental conditions that could threaten equipment.

By keeping track of physical entry points, PDUs enhance the safety of your cabinets to protect equipment and data. Find the highest outlet densities and the smallest form factors in the market, ensuring optimal performance of your cabinets.


Basic PDU’s

Compact, reliable PDU with non-intelligent design, ideal for cost-effective solutions.


Intelligent PDUs (iPDUs)

Panduit SmartZone™ G5 Intelligent PDUS (iPDUs) offer unrivaled outlet density, optimal form factors, and superior reliability. Data center managers can take advantage of the most comprehensive, reliable energy measurement data available to inform decisions regarding capacity planning, maximize uptime, calculate PUE (power usage effectiveness), and promote energy-efficient green data center initiatives.


SmartZone™ G5 iPDU Families

The SmartZone™ G5 iPDU product families comprise MI-series for input-level power monitoring, MS-series offering input-level power monitoring and outlet switching, MPO-series featuring input and outlet power monitoring, and MSPO-series with both input and outlet power monitoring, along with outlet switching.


Monitored Input (MI Series)

Aggregated input, connected with advanced branch power monitoring, enables prompt identification of power issues, along with the potential to reallocate extra or unused power capacity at the power distribution unit level.


Monitored Switched (MS Series)

Intelligent aggregation and power monitoring with outlet-level switching, permitting smart power up/down sequencing, rebooting, and restricting unauthorized outlet access.