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Raritan's selection of power products for data centers consists of rack power distribution units (PDUs), inline meters, transfer switches, and branch circuit monitoring systems. Raritan's data center power products feature the Xerus Technology Platform, enabling easy remote deployment, control, and management across various sites. Leveraging this, end users benefit from improved uptime and availability. Additionally, these power distribution products are natively compatible with DCIM software, allowing for efficient scaling of environmental monitoring and access control devices. Furthermore, actionable insights help end users make informed decisions quickly.


Intelligent Rack PDUs

The PX Intelligent Rack PDU series offers dependable power distribution for IT cabinets, with metering at inlet, outlet and PDU circuit breaker level. It is compatible with 120 to 400V power specifications, both single and three-phase, and is available in form factors 0U to 3U. This series also supports environmental monitoring.


PX Inline Meters

The PX Inline Meter series provides a straightforward way to add power and environment monitoring capabilities to other vendors’ basic PDUs, as well as standalone IT equipment. All you need to do is connect or plug the inline meter into existing circuits to view data in real-time and identify power hotspots.


Intelligent Hybrid Rack Transfer Switch

The Raritan Hybrid Rack Transfer Switch boosts uptime for single-power-supply systems in cabinets. Metering is achievable at the inlet, outlet and branch circuit level, as well as outlet-level toggling for improved remote power governing. Its novel hybrid design enables 4 to 8ms switching times without impacting dependability.


PXO Compact Power Distribution

The PXO-line of PDUs is compact and intelligent, providing visibility and control to locations that are challenging to reach by IT staff. Its slim & space-saving chassis design enables it to be mounted in a variety of places, making it ideal for powering IT and audiovisual systems.


Branch Circuit Monitor

The BCM2 branch circuit meter range presents data center and facilities managers with current and past data on power availability and consumption at the panelboard, floor PDU, RPP, or busway. Easily integrate metering into existing data centers or install during new builds.