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An electrical device known as a power distribution unit has numerous integrated sources of power. Every power outlet supports direct connections to computing or networking equipment. PDUs come in two varieties: rack mounted and floor mounted.


A PDU is often physically mounted in the rack and has the ability to control and transport massive amounts of energy. PDUs typically offer information and statistics on the efficient use of power and can be linked to and remotely controlled or through a network.


PDUs can be set up in a variety of ways. The most widely used models mount inside the rack or cabinet, however some can be affixed to a wall or the exterior of one. These PDUs go under the name "rack mount." They decrease the distance from the available outlets and the IT devices. Rack mount PDUs are available in a range of form factors, including 0U units that install vertical at the rear of cabinets and 1U and 2U devices that work with the equipment mounting area.


A PDU's function is to supply the data center with electricity from a major electrical source. Main distribution units, commonly referred to as floor-mounted PDUs, can produce 300kVA or more to power numerous racks and cabinets.


PDUs are incredibly necessary when it comes to running a business with a lot of technical necessities. It will help distribute the power correctly, efficiently, and safely. The fact that there are two different types of PDUs mean that you need to be sure what you are looking for and what you need when you are buying a power distribution unit.


When purchasing a PDU, knowledge of how they work will help you make the right choice.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) Buyer's Guide