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A RAM chip is also known as a memory module. It is frequently used to refer to SIMM, DIMM, and SO-DIMM memory as a whole, all of which are used in various technological situations and with a variety of computers and CPUs. Despite the fact that memory modules come in a variety of forms, all of them have the same function: they all store data items while the machine is working.


Memory modules are available in a variety of sizes and pin layouts. For instance, the first SIMMs had 30 pins—metal contacts—that connected to the motherboard. Modern SIMM chips, meanwhile, have 72 pins. Although 168-pin designs are the most popular for DIMMs, some DIMMs feature as many as 240 pins. In comparison to conventional DIMM chips, SO-DIMMs get a small form factor and are available in 72-pin, 144-pin, and 200-pin formats.


Computer memory is technically referred to as "memory modules," but other words like "RAM," "memory," or "RAM chip" are as appropriate. But keep in mind that while terminology related to memory may be comparable, the memory is in fact not. This is due to the fact that most computers only support one kind of memory. Anyone using these should be absolutely positive the memory modules you purchase are suitable for the computer being upgraded.


There was a time when buying and installing memory modules was a very complicated, complex, and confusing process but that is no longer the case and now a novice can handle the entire process with ease. However, there are many things to keep in mind and be aware of when shopping for memory modules for a computer.


From the size of the RAM needed to the speed and price, consumers should be prepared to make some choices when they are shopping.

What To Look For When Buying a Memory Module