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Sometimes you just need all the data from your computer to go up onto the wall and be visible to your entire team, rather than needing to have everyone crowd around your screen and try to view the very small numbers. Well, with a data projector, you can, and with the right one and a bare wall, you can project the images on your computer for all to see.


Here’s what you need to know about buying a data projector for the first time.

The Resolution

The display resolution of the projector will determine how it shows up on the screen, and you need to make sure to have a resolution that will fit your screen and will show the data effectively. If your resolution is too large or too small, it can make the data harder to read, and that can make showing off the data even harder.


If your computer displays things in 4K or HD you will need different resolutions for both, so make sure to keep that in mind before you buy.


Even if you are taking the data projector to the office and leaving it there, you will still need to set it up and move it around… even from room to room. So having a projector that it is lightweight and easy to set up and take down will further help you out.

Look For Inputs

Finally, make sure that your projector has the inputs that you need for your computer and your projector screen, because there is nothing more annoying than finding out that your new projector isn’t compatible with either the screen or the computer you are using. Figure out the inputs you need and then make your purchase.

Data Projectors Buyer's Guide