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Collection: PC Tools & Testers

Owning a PC in this day and age is almost always necessary with so many work-from-home jobs and online ordering choices. PCs are expensive and while they tend to last for a long time, sometimes you might need to do repair work on them.


Instead of running to the nearest store and paying someone to do it, you can use your own PC tools and testers kit to see which part of the hardware is the issue.


Our collection of PC tools and testers is a wide range of products you can buy to test several components within your PC to get to the root of the problem. We have cable testers, IP testers, and full kits with all the tools you need to do full repair work.

When Should I Use PC Tools and Testers


If you have never used a PC tool or tester, you might not be sure what they are for or when you might need one. Here are some top examples of when the tools come in handy:



The main purpose of having tools and testers is so that you can troubleshoot an issue. You’ll have specific tools that troubleshoot hardware.

Power Supply Issues


If you’re having issues getting power to your PC, you can use the power supply testers to see if there is something wrong with the ranges or the electrical output voltages.

Ethernet Issues


If your ethernet cord is not working, you can buy a special tool to see if the problem is with your cable, the computer, or the internet connection.

Part Damage

If you have an internal part of the computer that is damaged, you can use some simple tools to fix it and get the PC up and running again.

PC Tools & Testers Buyer’s Guide