Wireless Router running hot cool it down

When maintaining your devices, you should always check to ensure your router is functional. On occasion, a router will be hot to the touch – enough to concern any computer user. Heat affects a router’s performance, resulting in slowed connections and even dropped signals. If the device runs hot for too long, it could (and likely will) fail completely.


There could be a number of reasons your router is running hot, but often it is just in need of a firmware update. Before making any larger changes, check to ensure it is operating on the latest software available.


If the software update doesn’t fix the problem, there are some external solutions. Consider putting a small fan nearby. Sometimes a small drop in temperature will be enough to improve the performance of your router.


There’s a chance that your router is simply clogged from dust or other particles in the air. A can of compressed air could provide the solution. Unplug your router – and its cables – and find the air vents. Aim the compressed air at the vents, and shoot short bursts of air into the router.


Finally, if those options don’t work you can consider a laptop cooling pad. These pads can provide the same function for your router. The pad distributes hot air away from your router. If your router comes with a USB connection, these pads can often be self-contained as many draw their power from USB ports.


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