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A KVM cable is something that can be extremely useful if you want to connect multiple devices to a single computer. When it is paired with a KVM switch, it can be used to change control of your keyboard, mouse, or camera to another computer. They combine different connections into a single cable, but you need to make sure that you have a few things before you start buying them.

A Compatible Device

Different KVM cables work with different cables that go into different ports. This means you have is one KVM cable for HDMI ports, a different one for USB-A ports, another one for DIsplayPorts, and so on. So make sure that your KVM cable is able to match the ports on your computer, so that way everything can work.

The Correct Resolution

You should also make sure that your KVM cable is able to support the native resolution of the refresh rate you plan to run it at. If one or more of your devices is at 4K resolution, then you will want to look for a KVM cable that supports that resolution, but for most people who use 1080p, the standard KVM cables will work.


So keep that in mind, especially if you want to game or watch content at 4K

Your Home Setup

Finally, make sure that you know where you plan to put your KVM box. The KVM box and the various cables associated with it, can take up a lot of space, especially if you already have a desktop and the cables that come with that. So take your home setup and your space into account, because you can often get KVM boxes and cables that are certain sizes to help manage all your devices and your space.

KVM Cables Buyer's Guide