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Most people have at least one power extension cord in their home. They are extremely convenient because they allow you to plug multiple devices in at one time. They are most used in offices and bedrooms as people want to be able to use their phones, computer, and other devices all at the same time.


Our collection of power extensions at TeciSoft allows you to get an affordable and stable power extension that you can use in any room of your house. You can also take them to work and use them in the office.


Power extensions are also a great thing to bring you when traveling or while on vacation because you never know what the outlet situation will be like in your hotel room or rental house.


Take a look at some of the best features to look for in power extensions as well as what our collection can offer you.

Features to look for

Needed Plugs

You can choose an extension based on the number of plugs you need. Some people might need more plugs and certain rooms in the home could benefit from more plugs such as a home office where you have many different devices.

15 amps or More

Getting cords that are rated 15A or higher allows you to use most standard household devices and tools. 15A breakers or fuses will also turn off the power when the extension has reached its limit which protects your devices and home from experiencing electrical issues.

Surge Protection

Some, but not all power extensions have built-in surge protection. This is a great feature to look for especially if you live in an area where there are power outages or the power goes in and out frequently.


All extensions have different cord lengths. If you need the extension to reach another area of the room, you’ll need a longer cord. Measure the space you have so you can find the correct length needed.

Power Extension Buyer’s Guide