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To build your own computer system, one of the first pieces you’ll need is the power supply unit. The power supply unit is the converter responsible for sending power to every part of the computer.


This guide will tell you the three most important features to consider in a power supply unit for your PC.

Power Output

The first thing you’ll need to look out for is the power output of the power supply unit. You must purchase a power supply unit that has enough output to power your entire system.


If there is not enough power, your system will be unable to run and you’ll end up having to buy a larger power supply unit.


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One of the most dangerous things to a computer system is a power surge. Computer systems are made up of delicate parts that are very sensitive to surges in electricity. If a surge manages to enter the system, it can severely damage the components of your component.


A good power supply unit will have both Over Voltage Protection, OVP, and short circuit protection. OVP will help to keep large power surges from entering the system, while short circuit protection helps to protect the system from fluctuations.


The last factor you’ll want to consider is the efficiency of your power supply unit. If a power supply unit has high efficiency, that means it is losing very little of its power through heat.


Having a power supply unit with high efficiency will help to keep costs down and can also prevent your PC from overheating.

How To Choose The Best Power Supply Unit for Your PC