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Collection: Lightning Cables

Lightning cables are the premiere charging cable created by Apple for their wide variety of products such as the iPhone and iPad. If you are using Apple products, you have to rely upon lightning cables.


Years ago, there was more variety in the types of cords and cables that you could use with your iPhone, iPad, and other products, but then Apple changed their approach and made the lightning cable a universal necessity for all that they create. Now, you can not have your phone or tablet fully charged unless you have a lightning cable.


A lightning cable is needed to connect your Apple products to a wall charger, power bank, and other devices as well. They are durable and they are reliable, which is the good news. But they are also usually more expensive than the alternative USB cables that are on the market and used for many technology products.


Since lightning cables are necessary for Apple products, nearly everyone needs at least one. But since they are pricier than many other cables out there, you want to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck and spending your money wisely.


The lightning cables that are made directly by Apple itself are always made with premiere quality and materials and can last for years. There are alternatives that you can buy that are cheaper and not made with the same integrity and those are the ones that buyers will want to avoid. Lightning cables are generally white, flexible without being compromised, and are usually about two feet in length, although you can get them longer depending on which companies you purchase them from.


Buying a good, strong lightning cable is paramount to having an iPhone and iPad that is fully charged and working to the best of its ability.