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If you have a massive cabinet or several piles of paper documents that need to be organized, then you need to make sure that you have a document scanner. A good document scanner can turn all those piles of paper into digital documents that can be stored on your computer, but how do you know what to look for in a document scanner?


Here are some features to keep an eye out for whenever it comes to picking out the perfect document scanner.

How Fast It Can Scan

While most document scanners can scan and upload one document at a time to your computer (and this doesn’t change), you can adjust the speed at which the upload happens. If you only plan to be uploading a few documents a week, then you might be able to get away with some of the slower options, while if you need to upload dozens of documents in a very short time, then you will need to invest in something faster.

Is It Compatible With Your Computer?

Another thing you need to make sure of is that your computer and your document scanner can both talk to one another, so make sure to compare your chosen document scanner to your computer and make sure that they are compatible. Most document scanners will come with cables and ports for a physical connection, but there are other portable ones that tend to come with Bluetooth as well.

What Quality Will It Scan The Documents At?

Finally, not all scanners are created equal because they won’t all upload at the same quality. So make sure to read some reviews and get an idea of how well the document scanner uploads the document to your computer. Depending on the quality you need, this might impact which one you buy.

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