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If you are setting up a new PC, you will need to purchase a computer mouse. The computer mouse is what allows you to control your computer from the monitor and complete tasks. However, with hundreds of mice available on the market, it can be difficult to know what to look for.

This guide will teach you about the different features you should look for when picking a computer mouse.

Features To Look For

Mouse Design

Outside of the standard mouse, there are three different types of mice on the market, travel mice, gaming mice, and ergonomic mice. Each meets different needs and will work for a different user.

To learn more about the differences between the types of mice, click here.


Mice operate using sensors that detect motion beneath the mouse. Two types of sensors can be used to do this, optical sensors and laser sensors.

Optical sensors are the cheaper of the two and use an LED light along with a small photo processor to detect movement. Laser sensors work in the same way except they use a more precise laser in place of the LED.

Connection Type

Computer mice can either be wired or wireless. Wired mice typically connect to a computer using a standard USB cable. These allow you to continuously use your mouse without worrying about it dying.

Wireless mice are battery-powered and connect to the computer using Bluetooth. These work very well with laptops or in situations where you need to be able to move the mouse around easily.

How To Pick The Best Computer Mouse