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Collection: Video Capturing Devices

A video capture device is used when you want to transfer video and audio from a VCR or other device to your computer. You might have an old VCR or camcorder laying around that you want to get the video and audio. Once it’s on your computer, you are able to store it on a hard drive where you can edit it.


Video capturing devices are very handy, but you want to make sure you have a high-quality one so you can easily get your footage onto the computer. Our collection of video-capturing devices can help you get things from one device to another.


They are easy to use so you won’t need to have much experience with computers. You can also use them even if you have never used a video-capturing device before.

What to Do with a Video Capturing Device

You might not be sure what you can use a video-capturing device for. Here are some of the most common reasons why you could benefit from a video-capturing device.

Old VHS Tapes

Most people have some old VHS tapes laying around. You can take them from VHS and put them onto the computer where you can edit them or put them on YouTube.

Family Videos

One of the most common reasons people want a video-capturing device is because they have old family videos or photos that they want to turn digital. This is a great way to save your family videos since they will have digital copies and won’t get lost.


Video-capturing devices are also a great way to get content onto the computer and then edit it. You might want to do this for work or just for your own personal use.

Video Capturing Devices Buyer’s Guide