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Buying the correct firewall software is going to be a massive investment and something that you need to take seriously whenever you are working on your computer. The perfect firewall is going to be able to protect you from all the dangerous cybersecurity threats out there in the world, and you want to maximize protection for your device.


But not every firewall burns up the threats like they say they do. Here’s what you need to look for whenever it comes to equipping your computer with the best firewall available for it.

Threat Prevention

The best feature your firewall software can have is pure speed, because the longer a cyber threat spends in your network, the more damage it can do and the harder it is to remove. If your firewall is able to detect a threat before it attacks your data or your network and shuts it down quickly, your data is safe.


So make sure that the firewall network you install is able to detect and prevent threats before they can damage your device, rather than simply alerting you to the threat after the fact and after the damage has been done.

Support For The Clouds

Often networks and other businesses, and even personal computers have data on two different networks. The physical network and the cloud, and a firewall needs to be able to support both. A hybrid firewall system will help you be able to defend both sets of data simultaneously, because hackers will try to attack each one.


Make sure that the firewall network is completely scalable as well, because cloud networks are going to keep growing and getting bigger (especially business networks) and you need a firewall that will grow along with it without skimping on the protection.

Firewall Software Buyer's Guide