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Whenever you think of a shredder, you might think that one is no better than the other. However, whether you need one for the home or for the office, you should understand that your choice of shredder is going to be very important, and they aren’t all the same. Here’s what you need to look for in terms of getting the perfect Shredder.

Shredding Speed And Capacity

No one wants to spend hours and hours shredding a room full of documents all day, and even if you only have a few things you know you are going to shred over a long term basis, you still need to take these two factors into account.


Shredding speed is how fast the documents can actually go from being whole documents to being shredded, and the shredding capacity is how many documents can be effectively shredded at once. While you don’t need to get a massive industrial shredder for household use, you should probably try to get a shredder that can shred more than one document at once, just to make it easier.

Effective Cutting

Finally, you need to have a shredder that actually shreds the paper and secures the documents that you are destroying. There are several different cutting methods that you will encounter whenever you start looking for shredders, so don’t be afraid to research them and see what method will work best for your needs

A Method For Disposing Of The Paper

Additionally, you will need a way to dispose of all the shredded paper as well. Most of the time a regular trash bag will do, but if you are working with industrial shredders and large amounts of shredded paper you might need to use larger bags to properly gather and remove all the waste.

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