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Collection: Video Cable Adapters

A video cable adapter is a small wire that plugs into a port on a computer or laptop and transforms one video protocol, like DisplayPort to HDMI, into some other. A video cable adapter can also take the shape of an adapter cable that converts video protocols and includes a cable.


A protocol for exchanging uncompressed music and video in between sources and receivers or display is called High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). Since it has gained so much popularity, HDMI is now virtually universally available on TV and computer monitors.


There are three sizes of HDMI cables: normal, mini, and micro. Additionally, there are various HDMI cable varieties, each of which is made to handle a certain video resolution.


Although both of the two video interfaces, HDMI and DisplayPort, function similarly, they have distinct communication techniques. To use a DP to HDMI converter or adapter cable, it is feasible to link a DisplayPort port included in a laptop or computer to an HDMI monitor without suffering any picture quality loss.


Video cable adapters are very important, now more than ever before. This is because there are so many causes and reasons why you might need to connect a PC or laptop to another different type of monitor. From school presentations to PowerPoint presentations and so much more, there are so many causes for projecting and streaming on a big screen that isn’t your computer’s.


But with all the choices you have for video cable adapters, there are also many things to know and many features and specs to keep in mind. You don’t want to pay too much for an item that you don’t really need and you certainly don’t want to make the wrong choice and get the cable that you simply don’t need.


Now more than ever before, the video cable adapter market is filled with choices that you need to sort through to get the right one.

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