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If you want to hang your television on the wall, then you will need a television mount, and this guide will tell you what you need to properly secure your TV. There are a lot of different television sets out there, and they all have different television mounts that will hold them securely. In order to make sure you get the right one for your television, you need to look into some of these features.

Things To Look For

In order to make sure that your TV mount can hold your TV, you need to look for these things:

The Correct Number Of Arms

Some television mounts will have one arms, especially if the television is lighter in weight. If it is a swivel mount, then you can use a one armed mount to move the television around. However, heavier televisions might need to be supported by two arms to hold the weight, even if it doesn’t move.


In general, the heavier the television is, the stronger the mount is going to need to be, especially if you want the television to move frequently.

The Ports That You Need

No one likes to see countless wires springing from the back of the television, even if you want to plug everything inside the television. To keep things organized, you need to make sure that your television stand will allow you to access the ports that you need. Mounting your television too close to the wall or too high off the ground can make it difficult to access all the ports.

The Size Of Your Wall Mount

Finally, while your wall mount might be big enough to support your television, it might be a bit too big for the wall it is going to be mounted on. So don’t be afraid to measure twice before you start the installation.

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