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Collection: Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)


FortiGate NGFW offers a variety of models, from entry-level appliances to ultra high-end models offering optimal threat protection performance. This comprehensive selection makes it easy to integrate FortiGate into any enterprise campus, core data center or internal network.


FortiGate's unique unified management allows it to work as a hybrid mesh firewall.

FortiGate can scale to suit a range of environments, from remote offices and branches to campuses, data centers and cloud. FortiManager enables unified management, allowing for secure firewalls in hybrid environments. FortiOS offers visibility and security across a range of form factors.


FortiGate NGFWs leverage a custom ASIC architecture to deliver advanced threat protection and decryption capabilities at scale. Secure Networking is enabled through integrated functions like SD-WAN, switching, wireless, and 5G, while a unified FortiOS operating system is used to simplify management via a centralized console.