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Collection: Fiber Optic Cables

A fiber optic cable often has a few hundred optical fibers that are inside a plastic casing. They are used for many different things including the internet, television, and telephones. They are also used in other devices like security cameras as they can be used for high-performance and long-distance data networking.


There are many different fiber optic cables which can make it hard to know how to use them or when to use them.


Our collection of fiber optic cables has many different cables to fit all uses and budgets. They can be used for many different applications including data centers, communication centers, data lines, or just for home use.


Before jumping into using a fiber optic cable, you might be interested to know what they are and what makes them so efficient.


Fiber optics transmit data into light particles. They bend the light coming in at many different angles to make electric signals. They are able to support up to 10 Gbps signals.


As you get cables with higher bandwidth capacity, the higher the price of the fiber optic cables will be. Most of the time, you only need the most expensive ones if you are working in communications or security. 

What to Know About Fiber Optic Cables

Here are a few things to know before choosing a cable:

Different From Copper Cables

Optical fibers are able to carry more information because they have faster speeds and higher bandwidth. Signal losses are less because there is electromagnetic interference.

Many Advantages

Fiber optic cables have better signals and they can be completely submerged in water. They do not need to be replaced very often so you can spend less money even if you buy an expensive one.

Fiber Optic Cables Buyer’s Guide