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Collection: Cash Boxes & Drawers

The heart and center of any business’ POS system is the cash box and drawers. Without these two very important components, a business simply cannot run.


Since the beginning of commerce, a cash box has served a purpose. It is a place to keep money of all types - and other valuables - safe from prying hands and it is a way to maintain order and function in a business’s day to day operations.


Over the years, cash boxes and drawers, which are two interchangeable names for the same thing, have grown in terms of what they do and what they can achieve. They used to simply be metal boxes that held onto money from the day but now they are automated, safer than ever, and a crucial part of a larger digital system that all works in tandem.


Modern cash boxes and drawers have become technologically advanced, just like every other part of a business has. They are now speaking with a POS they are attached to, a computer in the back that is tallying all of the day’s work and formulating profit, and even speaking to the company headquarters.


Cash boxes and drawers are still very important for virtually any type of business. If a company does not have a good, reliable one then all that they do will be for naught and the money they make will not be safe. Additionally, the business of the day may slow to a crawl if the cash box and drawer isn’t working as it should.


But when a company is looking to buy the right cash boxes and drawers, there are many things to keep in mind. A company looking to make the best of a cash box and drawer needs to pay attention to its speed, its reliability, its connectivity features and so much more as well.

Cash Boxes & Drawers Buying Guide