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Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite N520-03M Duplex Multimode 50/125 Fiber Patch Cable (Lc/Lc), 3M (10 Ft.)

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          Description :

          Duplex Multimode 50/125 Fiber Patch Cable (LC/LC), 3M (10 ft.)

          Tripp Lite N520-03M Duplex Multimode 50/125 Fiber Patch Cable (LC/LC), 3M (10 ft.). Cable length: 3 m, Fibre optic type: OM2, Connector 1: LC, Connector 2: LC, Core diameter: 50 µm, Full duplex

          Constructed with 50/125 micron cable
          Length - 3M
          Use on fiber and fibre channel installations
          LC male to LC male connectors
          Higher bandwidth optimized for gigabit and 10Gbps networks
          Backward compatible with 62.5 micron fiber
          Built-in headroom for future applications
          Number of fibers: 2
          Fiber type: all glass graded index
          Core diameter: two 50+/-3 microns
          CLAD diameter: 125+/-2 microns
          Primary coating diameter: 245+/-15 microns
          Primary coating material: acrylate
          Secondary coating diameter: 900+/-50 microns
          Secondary coating material: PVC
          Attenuation @850NM: 3.5DB/KM maximum, @1300NM: 1.0DB/KM maximum
          Bandwidth @850NM: 220 MHz-KM minimum, @1300NM: 600 MHz-KM minimum
          Numeric aperture: .275 nominal
          Proof test level: 100,000 PSI
          Insertion loss testing performed on every connector (0.2db typical) and provided with cable
          Beveled edge on ends of glass makes insertion of plug a breeze


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