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Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite 3-Phase 208V UPS + Input/Output Isolation Transformer Kit - 480V to 208V/208V to 480V, 30kVA/kW, External Batteries Required


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          3-Phase 208V UPS + Input/Output Isolation Transformer Kit - 480V to 208V/208V to 480V, 30kVA/kW, External Batteries Required

          Tripp Lite 3-Phase 208V UPS + Input/Output Isolation Transformer Kit - 480V to 208V/208V to 480V, 30kVA/kW, External Batteries Required. UPS topology: Double-conversion (Online), Output power capacity: 30 kVA, Efficiency: 94%. Power plug: Hardwire. Form factor: Tower, Product colour: Black, Housing material: Steel. Width: 300 mm, Depth: 800.1 mm, Height: 1600.2 mm. Package width: 430 mm, Package depth: 929.9 mm, Package height: 1800.9 mm

          30kVA/kW 3-Phase UPS and Input/Output Isolation Transformers Combined into One Kit

          This SmartOnline® kit for 480V IT loads combines Tripp Lite’s S3M30K 208/220/120/127V Double-Conversion UPS, a 480V (Delta) to 208V (Wye) input isolation step-down transformer and a 208V (Wye) to 480V (Wye) output auto step-up transformer into one convenient package. The S3M30K-30KWR4T combo kit is ideally suited for vital applications in banking, education, healthcare, government and manufacturing sectors.

          Battery Backup and VFI Operation Protect Critical Loads

          The IGBT UPS supports the continuous availability of your most important operational and IT equipment loads through all power conditions, providing a compact backup power platform that’s easy to manage and inexpensive to operate. Sophisticated voltage- and frequency-independent (VFI) operation and advanced IGBT rectifier technology with DSP control deliver reliable output power quality.

          Complete Step-Down/Step-Up and Isolation Protection That Prevents Power Disruption

          The dual transformers offer line isolation and protection to the UPS system and its load. They isolate the UPS and connected components from line surges and spikes caused by utility power disruptions that can damage equipment or corrupt data.

          Best-in-Class Footprint for Easy Integration into Your Network Application

          The compact design lets you install the steel housings in spaces that would otherwise have required expensive retrofitting. By achieving their condensed size without compromising runtime, reliability or functionality, this combination UPS/transformer kit is recommended for data centers, colocation facilities and edge computing environments that require high efficiency, high performance and clean, reliable power protection, while preserving as much space as possible for revenue-generating server racks.

          Efficient UPS Operation and Design Reduces Cost of Ownership

          The UPS features ENERGY STAR 2.0-certified technology that provides high operational efficiency to save on utility and cooling costs, as well as protect the environment. It achieves 94% efficiency in double-conversion mode and up to 98% in ECO mode, reducing your power and cooling costs. Unity output power factor (1.0) lets you support more equipment. A low THDi (<3%) improves generator compatibility. A low THDv (≤2%) and active power factor correction with DSP control improve output performance.

          Transformer Performs with High Efficiency up to 97.5%

          Not only does the S3MT-30KWR480V wrap-around transformer offer up to 97.5 percent efficiency, it also is very quiet with a noise profile less than 65 dBA. Built-in circuit breakers on both transformers help prevent dangerous power overloads. Four ball-bearing cooling fans help prevent overheating. An overheat-sensing relay and switch combine with red alarm indicators to provide over-temperature warning and overheating protection.

          External Batteries Supply Reliable Backup with Expandable Runtime Options

          The S3M30K uses external battery cabinets, including BP240V40/40L, BP240V65/65L and BP240V100 (sold separately), to provide backup support in case of a power failure. These cabinets are available with or without internal batteries. No internal batteries are included with the S3M30K. A one-touch cold-start button powers up the UPS with battery power only.

          Remote Network Monitoring and Control Available 24 Hours a Day

          The optional Java-free WEBCARDLXMINI network management card (sold separately) enables remote UPS management through embedded HTML5 web, SSH/telnet and SNMP interfaces, as well as integration with a wide range of network management systems and DCIM platforms. WEBCARDLXMINI also supports EnviroSense2 modules (sold separately), which monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental factors.


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