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Tecisoft Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Compact 87 Key Rgb Wired Computer Keyboard With Blue Equivalent Switches

Tecisoft Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Compact 87 Key Rgb Wired Computer Keyboard With Blue Equivalent Switches


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          Description :


          TeciSoft Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



          Ergonomic Design

          With keycaps leaning backward and forward design to make the typing more comfortable, the fold-out legs allows you to choose the best typing height.


          tecisoft egornomic keyboard




          Fading Resistant Keycaps

          Tecisoft keyboard adopts advanced craft to make sure the letter will not fade, enabling a long service life.


          Tecisoft egornomic keyboard fade resistant



          Included Keycap Puller


          TeciSoft Mechanical Gaming Keyboard keypad puller




          Splash Resistant

          Splash resistant helps to solve your worry about accident water or tea splash, three hydrophobic holes in the back of the keyboard to accelerate water stream.


          Tecisoft egornomic keyboard splash water resistant



          12 Multimedia Function Keys

          12 Multimedia function keys to enhance efficiency during working on sheet, wps and playing.


          Tecisoft egornomic keyboard multimedia function keys



          Product Description


        • Fn+Ins: Switch 4 lighting modes————Fn+1: Customized Backlight Mode 1
        • Fn+Home: Switch 4 lighting modes————Fn+2: Customized Backlight Mode 2
        • Fn+PgUp: Switch 4 lighting modes————Fn+3: Customized Backlight Mode 3
        • Fn+Del: Switch 4 lighting modes————Fn+4: Backlight Fully Mode
        • Fn+End: Switch 4 lighting modes————Fn+5: RTS Gaming Backlight Mode
        • Fn+PgDn: Backlight On/Off————Fn+6: FPS Gaming Backlight Mode
        • Fn+7: Office Backlight Mode



          Tecisoft egornomic keyboard gaming keyboards


          How to customize your own lighting mode?

          1.Press Fn+1 to enter into customized lighting mode. 2.Press FN+ESC to activate the editing function, and then you can choose your desired lighting mode and press the corresponding buttons to light up, and finally press FN+ESC to save the setting.

          Notes: The Multimedia function is not available for Mac OS.

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