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Panduit FOCPZ12Y fibre optic cable OM4 Blue


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          Description :

          12-fiber 10Gig 50/125µm (OM4) multimode plenum rated indoor/outdoor central cable, Aqua

          Panduit FOCPZ12Y. Fibre optic type: OM4, Core diameter: 50 µm

          - Allows installation using loose tube cable methods within buildings and outdoor environments for transitional aerial and duct applications, and in entrance facilities that require riser (OFNR) or plenum (OFNP) rated cable
          - Eliminates the need for building entrance transition point
          - All-dielectric cable construction requires no grounding or bonding
          - UV resistant cable sheathing meets the light absorption requirement defined by Telcordia GR-20, Issue 2 to withstand harsh outdoor environmental demands
          - Dry water-blocking technology allows rapid cable preparation and termination for lower termination costs and time (no messy gel required)
          - Available in 6 and 12-fiber counts in “central loose tube” design, and in 24, 36, 48, 72, 96 and 144-fiber counts in a “stranded loose tube” design
          - Multimode (OM4,OM3, OM2, and OM1) and singlemode (OS1/OS2) fiber available
          - Sheath markings provide positive identification, quality traceability, and length verification
          - 250µm buffer coating protects fibers during handling and allows for ease of stripping
          - Opti-Core ® 10Gig ™ Fiber Optic Cable is designed to support network transmission speeds up to 10 Gb/s for link lengths up to 300 meters for OM3 and up to 550 meters for OM4 with an 850nm source per IEEE 802.3ae 10 GbE standard; backward compatible for use with all 50/125µm system requirements


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