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Diypc Vanguard-Rgb Black Dual Usb3.0 Steel/ Tempered Glass Atx Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

Diypc Vanguard-Rgb Black Dual Usb3.0 Steel/ Tempered Glass Atx Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case


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          Description :

          • Steel / Tempered Glass ATX Mid Tower (Front and Both Side Panel)
          • 2 x USB 2.0 / 2 x USB 3.0 / HD Audio In/Out Front Ports
          • Pre-installed 4 x 120mm RGB LED fan (7 different color in 3 modes control- circularly flashing, breathing and stable) provides great cooling and dynamic cyber gaming atmosphere
          • 2 ways to control RGB Fan Lighting: Either by Manual RGB LED Button on Top I/O Panel; or if your Motherboard has RGB connector, this case has Aura adapter(12V) ready to SYNC w/your motherboard to control RGB lighting
          • Water cooling ready - Front / top can fit up to 360mm water cooling radiator, MB mount side supports up to 240mm radiator
          • Advanced cable management design
          • Dust filter at top and bottom - Easy clean
          DIYPC Logo above three VANGUARD-RGB CASES in green, blue and red lighting respectively

          A Unique Design for the Ultimate Gaming Solution

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case

          A mid-tower computer case with three tempered-glass panels covering ample space that accommodates up to 440mm-long graphics card and 180mm-high CPU cooler. Four pre-installed RGB fans light up your build with brilliant colors and multiple lighting effects. Bottom-mounted power supply with a PSU shroud gives a clean look and enables independent cooling. Easily route and hide cables and wires in the 33mm clearance behind the motherboard tray. Keep dust out with dust filters at both top and bottom. Four USB ports—two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0—are located on the top for handy access. If you're looking for a chassis that combines style, quality, features and ease of build, look no further than the DIYPC Vanguard-RGB.

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Angled Up to the Left with Blue LED Case Fans. To the top right of the case is a ruler and text that reads: 4MM

          4mm Tempered Glass on Three Sides
          (Front, Left and Right Panels)

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Facing Forward with Three Blue LED Case Fans and a graphic 7, with graphics and text indicating: 33 LEDs, stable, 7-color circularly flashing and 7-color circularly breathing

          4x Pre-Installed RGB LED Fans
          (Get 7 Different Colors in 3-Mode Control)

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Angled Down to the Right along with text and graphics indicating: Fan controller - control the fan speed with high, low and off switch - RGB Controller - manually control RGB lighting by LED button - RPM and RGB

          Independent Control of LED Colors and Fan Speeds

          If your motherboard has an RGB connector, this case has an AURA adapter ready to sync with a compatible motherboard for full RGB-lighting control.

          How to Use the AURA Adapter

          ASUS AURA Ready Motherboard

          Step 1: Please make sure the motherboard has a 12V RGB header.

          ASUS Aura Adapter

          Step 2: Find the AURA adapter on this case's RGB controller.

          Fan header on the motherboard and the asus aura connector

          Step 3: Connect the AURA adapter (4-pin RGB header) from the RGB controller to the 12V RGB header from the motherboard.

          Fully loaded DIYPC Vanguard-RGB case with blue liquid cooling all throughout

          Support 360mm Water Cooling at the Front and Top

          This case can support 360mm water cooling at the front and top while the rear supports 140mm water cooling.

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Fully loaded with two blue-lit fans

          Support Up to a 240mm Water-Cooling Side Mount on Your Motherboard

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Angled Away to the Right with its side panel removed and the removable power supply cover

          Unique Design for DIY Enthusiasts

          This cases also comes with the special feature of supporting independent power-supply covers for flexible installations.

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Angled Away Up to the Left and a closeup of the metal casing .8mm thickness

          Overall 0.8mm Steel Thickness with a High Standard of Quality

          Overhead view of the DIYPC Vanguard-RGB case, showing the LED button, two USB 2.0 ports, mic, hd audio, power LED button, reset, restart button, two usb 3.0 ports and fan controller switch

          Dual USB 3.0 Interface Provides High-Speed Data Transfers

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Angled Away to the Right with a GTX 440mm Graphics Card Installed in the Case with Along with Case Fans

          Support Up to a 440mm-Large Graphics Cards

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Facing Left and Right with blue arrows going the air intakes on the sides

          Metal Mesh on Both Sides of the Front Panel
          for Better Heat Dissipation

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Angled down to the right with all of its removable pieces floating next to each other

          Innovative Structure Design with High-Quality and Originality

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Angled Away Up to the LeftDIYPC Vanguard-RGB Angled Up to the Right with Its Front Panel Removed and Graphics + Text Indicating: MB side mount: two 120mm fans (optional), rear: one 120mm RGB fan (pre-installed), top: three 120mm or 140mm fans (optional) and front panel: three 120mm RGB fans (pre-installed)
          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Facing to the Left with a closeup of the bottom area with 3.3cm of space

          Good 33mm Cable Management

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Facing to the left and right, one in front of the other, there is also text that indicates and points out: three pieces SSD position on the motherboard with no fan or radiator fixed at the front - three pieces SSD position on the back of the motherboard

          Support 6-Piece SSD Installation

          DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case Facing Away to the Right, showing HDDs around the installation bay and hotspot windows with images and text that indicate: pull open the HDD plate at first, install the HDD on the plate, turn the screws to fix on, the HDD plate also supports SSDs

          Support 3pcs HDD Installation

          Hand pulling up the dust filter from the top of the DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case That's Angled Down to the Right

          Magnetic Dust Filter on Top

          Bottom of the DIYPC Vanguard-RGB Case showing a PSU, blue arrows showing cold air going and red arrows showing hot air going out. Below this image is the case lying down facing to the left showing off its bottom dust filter

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