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Eaton offers an extensive array of backup power and distribution equipment to keep business operations running, safeguarding against potential power interruptions, surges and even lightning strikes. In addition, their power management products provide monitoring and control for your power infrastructure. Eaton UPSs ensure dependable, top-notch power reserves for a broad range of applications, from server rooms and network closets to enterprise and colocation data centers.


What is an uninterruptible power supply?

An uninterruptible power supply (or UPS system) is an emergency power source utilizing an electrical apparatus. It conditions incoming electricity from the utility provider and provides uninterrupted energy to the load, plus ride-through power to compensate for short-term outages. Additionally, these systems enable seamless system shutdowns during a power failure.


What is the difference between single-phase UPSs vs. three-phase UPSs vs. split-phase UPSs?

UPS phases, like single-phase or three-phase, refer to the number of electrical phases a UPS receives and outputs. Utilities use the more efficient three-phase power for transferring electricity over long distances; bigger consumers such as data centers, factories and medical facilities keep the 3-phase power, necessitating a 3-phase UPS. For smaller consumers, including homes and offices, single-phase power is utilized, hence the need for a single-phase UPS. In some applications with single- and three-phase supplies, split-phase UPSs providing 120V and 208V output are best suited.


What size UPS do you need?

UPSs are furnished with a power ranking in volt-amperes (VA) from 300 VA to 5,000 kVA. This rating identifies the maximum load a UPS can bear, but it should not align perfectly with the energy load you need. To plan for future growth, the ideal is to select a UPS whose VA score is 1.2x the overall load you need it to support. If your UPS will be powering engines, variable-speed drives, medical imaging tools, or laser printers, increase yourVA capacity needs to account for the substantial power surge that happens when those devices are activated.

Companies expecting swift expansion should account for this with a multiplier greater than 1.2x. As newer servers usually draw more power than their predecessors, allotting further VA will allow for the integration of further and newer hardware.


Eaton DIN rail UPS

Eaton DIN rail industrial UPS is specifically developed to provide reliable power and battery backup to industrial spaces. It boasts a rugged and compact housing, which allows for seamless and secure integration into electrical enclosures. Available in both AC and DC versions, this DIN rail UPS can be installed in any non-conventional IT setting.

Power outages can significantly decrease production on the factory floor and can cause irreparable damage to costly IIoT equipment. Eaton's DIN rail industrial UPS shields productivity by supplying enough runtime to remain operational during short outages and shields equipment allowing it to finish its task during longer ones.

Eaton's DIN rail UPS is capable of enduring temperatures up to 122˚F (50˚C), making it an ideal choice for electrical equipment in warm warehouses and fabrication facilities. With its reliable battery backup, Eaton's UPS ensures uninterrupted operations even when the temperature is high.