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Raise3D Pro 2 3D Industrial 3D,Printer12X12X12 Print Vol0.01Mm Res

Raise3D Pro 2 3D Industrial 3D,Printer12X12X12 Print Vol0.01Mm Res


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          Description :

          RAISE3D Pro2 3D Printer

          Electronic Driven Dual Extrusion with Retracting Nozzles

          Prints complex mechanical parts, supports a variety of multi-material filaments and improves print speed.

          High repeatability (<0.005m, 5 micron).
          Light speed (<1 second switching time).
          1.5mm lifting distance, compatible with flexible filaments.
          Reliability tested over 100,000 times!

          Big Build Volume

          24/7 Reliability - Multiple Fail Safe Systems - Industrial Grade Components

          For Material Compatibility up to 300?

          PLA / ABS / HIPS / PC / TPU / TPE / NYLON / PETG / ASA
          PP / Glass Fiber Enforced / Carbon Fiber Enforced
          Metal Particles Filled / Wood Filled

          High Resolution

          Unique motion system for superior part quality and resolution.

          Unmatched layer resolution: 0.01 layer thicknessPrecise positioning: 0.0125mm positioning resolution on x/y axis

          Intuitive User Experience

          7-inch touch screen.

          Visual interface / Rapid reviewing / Visual print progress / Full adjustment control

          Second Generation Power Loss Resuming

          Never lose a print.

          "I actually knocked off the power accidentally when i hit the cord when I was vacuuming, I was currently doing a 96 hours print with only 2 hrs left. As I raised my head to scream in terror, I turned back on the machine and it asked me to continue print...THIS WAS A LIFESAVER"by Shon Robinson

          Remote User Interface

          Operate efficiently with ideaMaker by connecting wirelessly to your Pro2 Series Printer.
          Built-in camera.

          Next Generation Motion Controller

          Top reliability. Accurate current control. Silky smooth movement. Superior thermal performance.

          400MHz ARM Cortex-M7 32bit RISC FPU.
          Industrial grade components.
          Standalone motor driver.
          256 micro-steps driver system.

          New Extruder with Filament Run-Out Sensor

          Better grip. No slipping. Worry free prints.

          Dual gear driven extruder.
          4 increased torque performance.
          Fluent and sensitive, optical run-out sensor.

          • Cut down the potential hazards of tripping and electrical fires by reducing the number of long cables. Print wirelessly even from your mobile devices.

          • Multijet printing is a prototyping process so rapid that it provides a quick turnaround for smooth and high-resolution

          • Its sufficient build volume, 12" x 12" x 11.80" allows you to create objects of your desired size

          • Take control of the printer with the 7" screen that shows users printing status, settings, and more

          • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) supported - a material that is capable of undergoing new levels of complexity, details, and digital craftsmanship. Thus making it ideal for creating artistic and decorative pieces with ease.

          • This desktop 3D printer adapts to your desktop and lets you design conveniently

          Product Type: 3D Printer
          Brand Name: RAISE3D
          Form Factor: Desktop
          Manufacturer: RAISE3D
          Product Name: Pro2 3D Printer
          Manufacturer Part Number:
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