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Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus 2017 3 license(s) Renewal English 1 year(s)


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          Anti-Virus 2017, Renewal, 3 PCs, 1Y, Level C

          Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus 2017. License quantity: 3 license(s), License term in years: 1 year(s), Software type: Renewal

          SECURITY – Protects your ‘digital life’ against Internet threats & more

          Hundreds of thousands of new malware items are being unleashed by cybercriminals… every day. If you’re going to protect your computers, your mobiles and your confidential information – you need a security solution that keeps up with new threats.

          Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning security technologies are renowned for their ability to protect against the very latest threats. Our cloud-assisted security continually adds to your defenses against new malware and Internet dangers. We also block banner adverts and make it easy for you to filter out annoying spam messages.

          PC, MAC & MOBILE – Secures any combination of PCs, Mac & Android devices

          If you enjoy online surfing and socializing – while you’re out and about – you need to ensure your Android phone and tablet are as fully protected as your laptop and desktop computers.

          Whichever device you use to go online, our innovative security technologies deliver multi-layered protection. Furthermore, because it’s easy to lose mobile devices, we’ve included anti-theft features that let you lock, wipe and locate lost or stolen Android devices.

          PRIVACY – Safeguards your privacy and defends against identity theft

          Cybercriminals are constantly looking for opportunities to capture people’s passwords and personal data – so they can go on to steal a user’s ‘digital identity’, access their bank account, steal their money and make purchases with their credit cards.

          Our anti-phishing engine blocks phishing attacks – to stop them stealing your identity or your money. In addition, our Webcam Protection technology stops cybercriminals using your own webcam to spy on you and your surroundings. New protection technologies also prevent the tracking of your web browsing habits and the capture of your personal information.

          MONEY – Adds extra layers of security for online banking & shopping

          Online banking, shopping and payment systems can save you a lot of time and hassle. Unfortunately, when you conduct any online financial transactions, there can be severe risks… with cybercriminals trying to compromise your security and steal your money.

          Whenever you use your PC or Mac to visit a banking, shopping or payment website, our unique Safe Money technology checks that the site is secure, ensures you’re not being tricked by a fake site and then opens the website in a special, protected mode. Safe Money is just one way we help you to safeguard your money and accounts.

          KIDS – Includes Kaspersky Safe Kids which helps parents manage kids’ Internet activities, and more

          Kaspersky Total Security - Multi-Device has been designed with the needs of the busy 21st-century family in mind. Besides award-winning Parental Controls, the included multiplatform Kaspersky Safe Kids service helps parents to create and negotiate new safe ways for their children to explore the digital world. With screen time scheduling, notifications for suspicious activity, GPS safe zones, and summaries of what they are searching, seeing and sharing, you will be able stay connected with your kids as they enjoy the Internet. What’s more, it’s free to use!

          Our easy-to-use technologies help you to protect your kids from online dangers, block inappropriate websites & content and manage messaging on social networks. We help you to safeguard your kids on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

          PASSWORDS – Manages your passwords… for safer access to apps & websites

          Whenever you open a new account at a website – or you install a new app – it’s vitally important that you use a strong, unique password. However, keeping track of all those passwords – and typing them in every time you need to – can be a challenge.

          All your app and website passwords are securely stored and synchronized – so you can access them from your PC, Mac, Android phone & tablet, iPhone and iPad. You only need to remember one master password – to access all your passwords. Our Password Manager even generates strong passwords on your PC for all your app and website accounts.

          FILES – Protects your photos, music, financial documents and files

          Your computers, tablets and phones store a lot of your precious memories and information – so you need to do whatever you can to make sure you don’t lose any of your photos & videos… and ensure none of your confidential files fall into the wrong hands.

          Local and online backup let you store duplicate copies of your photos, music and more. If your PC develops a fault, you’ll be able to access all the precious files stored in your online backup – via any compatible device. You can also encrypt* your files – so unauthorized users can’t read them – and, when you want to delete a file from your PC, you can totally ‘shred’ it.

          PERFORMANCE – Delivers world-class security… without slowing you down

          Even though rigorous security is essential – to protect all your devices and everything you store on them – you can’t afford to choose security software that ruins performance and prevents you getting the best out of your ‘digital life’.

          Our development team has ensured our security software combines protection & efficiency – so our security technologies work ‘behind the scenes’, without slowing down your ‘digital life’.

          SIMPLICITY – Simplifies security management… across all your devices

          If security software is difficult to run – and requires a lot of complex management – it can waste a lot of your time and create the potential for security gaps.

          By giving you a free My Kaspersky account, we make it easy for you to manage your security – across all your computers, tablets & phones – from anywhere that you can access the Web. You can check each device’s security & license status and adjust key security settings – plus access special offers and download free Kaspersky Lab products. My Kaspersky also gives you easy access to technical support.


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