Common Activation Issues For Microsoft Office

 How To Fix Microsoft Office Activation Errors

Occasionally, you may have a start-up issue with the Microsoft suite of services. Error issues like the following have been known to occur:


"We're sorry, but Office App has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. Office App will need to be closed as a result. Would you like us to repair now?"


There are a few known causes for such an error, but one of the leading causes is Microsoft’s malware protection engine preventing the update from occurring.


To correct the issue, check for Virus & Threat Protection updates in Windows 10. It’s likely a malware update is overdue. Automatically or manually update the files – this should in turn correct the Office compatibility issues.


Another common issue with Microsoft Office is verifying your license, especially when upgrading to Windows 10.


This is likely occurring because the Office application you are attempting to use is running in compatibility mode for a different operating system (likely Windows 7 or Windows 8).


To correct this issue, exit the Office application you had attempted to use, and locate the application. Right click the application, and select the “Compatibility” tab, if available.


If there is a “Compatibility” tab, deselect the “run this program in compatibility mode,” and be sure to deselect this for all users. Click OK.


If there is no “Compatibility” tab, select “Cancel” on the application’s properties page, and search for “Outlook.exe.” Right click on Outlook.exe, and select Troubleshooting Compatibility. Select the Troubleshoot Program, clear all options, and – following the prompt – select “No, I am done investigating the problem.” Click next, and then close the troubleshooter.


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