The most common issues related to Microsoft Outlook are corrupted profiles, or out-of-date software. This can disable your account – and with matters like email, this can be a great inconvenience to the user.


Of note, the issues we discuss in this blog are largely for individual users. If your entire network of users are reporting similar issues, this is likely an issue with your Office 365 subscription, and needs to be escalated beyond individual users.


If it’s just your account, try the following fixes.


Repair Your Outlook Profile


With Outlook open, select File, and navigate to “Account Settings.” Under the email tab, choose “Repair.” The prompts will guide you the rest of the way.

 Repair Outlook Profile


How To Repair Your Outlook Profile


How To Fix Outlook Connectivity Issues



Update Your Windows


Like we discussed in previous blogs, it may be a matter of updating to the latest Windows (in this case, Windows 10). Update to the latest patch, and see if that corrects the problem.


Check Your “Mode”


It’s possible your Outlook could be in “offline mode.” You may have selected this inadvertently, or the program may have had a connectivity issue. If you are using Outlook 2010 or newer, click “Send/Receive” and locate the Work Offline button. Select this, and then de-select it. Watch your Outlook to see if it attempts to reconnect to the network.


Conduct a “Repair Install”


A repair install will solve a number of issues. To run this, open your Control Panel, and navigate to “Programs and Features.” Locate Office, click Change, and follow the prompts.


And if all else fails, you’re left with re-creating a profile from scratch.

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