Digital Signage Displays Buying Guide


Nowadays, there are so many ways for businesses to catch the eye of potential customers and turn them from people passing by to actual reliable clients and returning customers.


Years ago, the only way to attract these people was to put a sign up in the window, or sometimes write something by hand. While that is still happening today, there are more modern and helpful ways to bring in customers and one of them is digital signage.


Digital signage is actually what it sounds like: a method of attracting customers through the use of digital screens and monitors that talk about a company’s values, sales, purpose, and more.


Digital signs have become so popular, you have likely seen them everywhere. In fact, you have probably seen one or two of them today and you just didn’t even notice - that is how ubiquitous they have become.


If you are running a business then you are really missing out without the use of digital signage. There are so many reasons to invest in this particular, unique, modern form of advertising. In order to do it correctly, you need to know a few things and keep some valuable information in mind.

Indoor Vs Outdoor

You need to put a lot of energy and thought into where you place the digital signage you will use for your business.


You want to have the biggest impact on your potential customers but you also need to keep in mind the varying price point when it comes to indoor versus outdoor signage.


As you can imagine, outdoor signs are much more expensive than indoor ones. This is because they will need to be brighter and weatherproof, even if you live in a nice, warm, typically dry part of the world. 


At the same time, outdoor signs might be better for your business because they will more easily attract people. Grabbing the attention of someone is far simpler when the screen is sitting outside, next to dozens of people who walk by every moment.


You should remember that just because you might buy an indoor sign doesn’t mean it can’t have the same benefits of an outdoor one. If you are able, you can position the sign near a big, clear window, which will essentially have the same reach as an outdoor sign.

Will A Regular TV Work?

Here is a major problem that many businesses run into when they are trying to get into the exciting, promising world of digital signage advertising.


Most people assume that they can buy any flat screen TV from a local business and use it to broadcast their digital signage ads and offers. That isn’t the truth.


Consume television screens, like the ones you use to watch your favorite shows, are actually only created and graded for about 8 hours of use a day.


AS for commercial screens, like those used in digital signage, they can last a lot longer without the wear and damage done to them. They are actually rated for many more hours than a regular TV. They are manufactured to last for over 50,000 hours of use and can be running 24 hours a day in most cases.


Therefore, you will only be wasting your time and money if you decide to use a regular TV for your digital signage needs.

Twist & Turn Your Digital Signage

One of the great things about the commercial displays used for digital signage is that you can use these screens in just about any way.


Do you want to create ads that will look great horizontally? You can do that with digital signage. But what if you want a display that will shine vertically? You’re in luck, because most digital signage screens will allow you to adjust and change your screen’s orientation with speed and ease.

How To Choose The Right Digital Signage

You should consider many things when you are choosing the best screen for your digital signage endeavors.

Location, Location, Location

For starters, you need to consider the location of the sign and how it will fit in with the general lay out of your business. Will it look cramped? Will it fit well? Will it get lost to customers because of the many other things around it?

How Long Will It Run?

You also need to consider how long you want your signs to be on. Are you going to leave them playing 24 hours a day, long after the business is closed? Or will they only be on during business hours? This will definitely impact the sort of screen that you buy because you should only purchase a commercial TV that can stand the test of time and not weaken and fall apart after much use.

Are You In HD?

Do you have all your advertisement information and data ready to stream in HD? One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when they start using digital signage is that they do not take their time to convert their ads into high definition. We have all seen companies that are broadcasting material that looks distorted, pixelated, and ugly. That is not the look you want for your digital signage.

Various Methods Of Digital Signage

While buying a commercial screen is probably the best way to start digital signage for a business, there are actually many ways to accomplish this important business venture.


You can use iPads, tablets, monitors, and non-smart TVs for your digital signage needs. Using any of these will likely save you money in the long run because none of them will cost as much as a brand-new commercial television that broadcasts in HD.


No matter which approach you take to digital signage, this wonderful way of advertising can do a lot to bring up your sales and attract new customers. You should be smart when you are relying on digital signage. You should be smart about the screens you buy, the material you broadcast, and where you place your signage. All of this will impact your success.

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