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Panduit FODPX48Y fibre optic cable OFNP OM3 Aqua colour


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          Description :

          50 um OM3 48 Fiber Indoor Distribution Cable, Plenum (OFNP), 900 um Buffered Fibers

          Panduit FODPX48Y. Cable type: OFNP, Fibre optic type: OM3, Core diameter: 50 µm

          Panduit offers a wide range of fiber optic cable, including indoor cable, indoor/outdoor cable, and outside plant cable. Indoor cable includes distribution, interlocking armored, interconnect zipcord, dielectric conduited fiber, polymer coated fiber, interconnect zipcord, and polymer coated fiber breakout. Indoor/Outdoor cable includes all dielectric loose tube fiber, polymer coated fiber breakout, all dielectric tight buffer fiber, interlocking armored loose tube fiber, and interlocking aluminum armored tight buffered fiber. Outside plant cable includes all dielectric and armored cable (CST).


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