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Check Point Software Technologies Harmony Browse, 4Y 1 license(s) 4 year(s)


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          Harmony Browse Security, 4 Years

          Check Point Software Technologies Harmony Browse, 4Y. License quantity: 1 license(s), Number of years: 4 year(s). Distribution type: Download

          A Revolution in Web Security
          Remote workers often unwittingly put their organizations at risk by visiting phishing sites or downloading malware. Harmony Browse is a modern web security solution that offers the strongest protections against web-based attacks without compromising workers productivity.

          Harmony Browse
          Delivers web security from an innovative NanoAgent® within a browser, inspecting all SSL traffic on the endpoint and preventing malicious behaviors.

          Prevents Zero-Day
          Attacks on Browsers
          Blocks phishing attacks, malware downloads, credential re-use, and access to restricted sites

          Fast and Secure
          Web Access
          Keeps workers productive and safe without any frustrating latency issues

          Preserves Users’
          Internet Privacy
          GDPR compliant, Harmony Browse assures users’ browsing history remains private

          The Rules for Web Security Have Changed
          The geometric increase in remote workers as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic spurred a 3,900% increase in phishing and malware attacks during the first half of 2020. Remote workers put organizations at risk by unwittingly downloading infected files and visiting phishing sites. Harmony Browse is the first web security solution to offer the strongest protection against web-based attacks, without compromising workers’ productivity.

          Fast, Private and Secure Web Access
          Workers stay productive with a frictionless browsing experience with Harmony Browse since SSL traffic is inspected on the endpoint and not re-routed. Because browsing histories remain private, organizations can easily comply with data privacy regulations.

          A Browser NanoAgent® Delivers Web Security
          Harmony Browse’s innovative, high-performance architecture delivers its powerful security protections via a NanoAgent® within the browser, where web traffic is inspected and threats blocked.

          Five Must-Have Internet Access Protections
          Remote work incurs added risks, as users browse the web outside the corporate firewall. Read Check Point’s Buyer’s Guide to Secure Internet Access to understand the latest threats, and 5 key considerations when choosing the optimal solution.

          New Web Security Requirements: Keep Remote Workers Safe and Productive
          Re-watch the webinar where Check Point Evangelist Brian Linder discusses the new wave of internet-based threats and how Harmony Browse provides users with fast, private and secure web access against known and zeo-day attacks on browsers.

          Harmony Browse Integrates with Check Point SASE
          Harmony Connect, Check Point’s Secure Access Edge solution (SASE), combines cloud-based protection with in-browser protection provided by Harmony Browse. The two layers work to provide superior security and an elegant user experience.


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