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20A Ac Power Conditioner &,Sequencer

20A Ac Power Conditioner &,Sequencer


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          Description :

          AtlasIED 20A Power Conditioner & Sequencer

          The AtlasIED ECS-204 is a 20 amp AC Power Sequencer and Conditioner. The ECS-204 has been designed to meet most installation requirements for AC power distribution and equipment power protection. The 20A compact 1 RU unit features four internal sequential timing sections, three on the unit and one to trigger an external device. All can be activated via the unit locally or remotely. Front panel activation is via a momentary switch, while rear activation can be accomplished via a remote momentary switch, latching switch, or by 5-24VDC. AC Mains Voltage can be monitored via the front panel from the precision Digital Volt Meter. The ECS-204 has incorporated dual front panel USB charge ports that can be used to charge devices such as cell phones or music players or the charge port also supports an optional USB gooseneck lamp. The rear of the rack can be illuminated by the optional Atlas Power 16" gooseneck LED lamp (AP-GNL18) connected via an XLR style socket.

          If a 20A AC Mains power source is not enough to meet the amperage demand of your system, the ECS-204 provides a sequenced 12VDC or contact closure output (Seq 4) that can be used to trigger other devices such as the AtlasIED ECM-20SH 20A standalone AC power module. Also, up to 3 ECS-204 can be linked together to give you 12 sequenced outputs. Sequence timing selection is made by a rear panel switch selection. There are four choices that range from 3 seconds to 2 minutes.

          The ECS-204 incorporates an Emergency Power Down (EPD) feature. The EPD may be required by the local fire code to pass site inspection. This port when activated turns Off all channels at once. Unstable AC Mains voltage is one of the main reasons for equipment failure. AC Spikes, or Transients, are commonly caused by lightning storms or utility power plant grid switchovers. The amount of energy that can be injected into the power system can be immense with voltages reaching 6kV or amperage peaks of 3000A. These spikes are very fast and usually only last for a very short period of time. To protect against this potential problem, the ECS-204 features Dual Clamping Suppression technology (DCS). If a spike intrudes the AC system, the ECS-204 incoming AC Mains has special suppression circuitry to eliminate the unwanted energy and in the unlikely event of any energy getting passed the first stage, each sequenced output section has redundant DCS circuitry clamping the unwanted energy. This circuitry is very fast and can suppress unwanted energy within a nanosecond, while sustaining the suppression up to 2 milliseconds, thus ensuring virtually trouble free protection.

          The ECS-204 also features noise filtering for unwanted Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) that is commonly introduced into the AC lines by nearby radio transmitters or wireless products. EMI filters are incorporated to reduce noise from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) from items such as electric motors, switching power supplies and lightning. The benefit of these filters can be seen on video products or audibly by reduced static pops and external signal interference.

          • Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS)

          • Emergency Power Down (EPD)

          • Front Panel Digital AC Mains Voltmeter

          • Dual Clamping Spike & Surge Suppression, DCS Circuitry

          • Radio Frequency (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Filters

          • Sequenced Output Trigger

          • 2 Front Panel Unswitched Outlets

          • 1 Rear Panel Unswitched Outlet

          • 6 Rear Panel Outlets Sequenced in 3 Stages

          • 9 Total 20A Outlets

          Product Type: Line Conditioner
          Brand Name: AtlasIED
          Manufacturer: Atlas Sound LP.
          Product Model: ECS-204
          Product Name: 20A Power Conditioner & Sequencer
          Mount Type: Rack-mountable
          Manufacturer Part Number: ECS-204
          Manufacturer Website Address:
          Weight (Approximate): 10 lb

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