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Streaming From PCs to TVs

Streaming From PCs to TVs


Streaming From PC to TV


As more and more people move from traditional cable to streaming, users have a number of ways to stream their entertainment. There’s increasing demand to stream from personal computers to televisions. As a result, a number of companies have developed streaming tools. But which is right for you?


Let’s take a quick look at five leading methods to stream your entertainment.


HDMI Cable


A trusted method, you can run a HDMI cable directly from your PC to your television. Obviously, you are reliant on the length of cable, and it requires a computer that is mobile enough to move near your television.




Google’s Chromecast is a device the size a flash drive. The device plugs into your television’s HDMI port, and functions as a unique device on your wi-fi network. Any other device on the wi-fi network can then stream to your television.


If you have a strong wi-fi connection, this is an excellent option It works with nearly all Apple, Android, or Windows devices.


Compute Stick or Chromebit


The Intel Compute Stick or Google Chromebit allow your television to function as a computer monitor. Once again utilizing the HDMI port, this method uses Bluetooth to connect to external devices, and requires a wi-fi connection.


The Compute Stick or Chromebit allow you to plug-in and use a television remotely. These sticks function as a separate computer. Unfortunately they come at a higher cost than many of the other options listed.




Plex is a software option. Install Plex on your computer, and the program will help you organize your files.


If you have a wi-fi enabled smart TV, you can install Plex on the television as well. The software will help your PC and television communicate and share files.


Of note, if you do not have a smart TV, you should consider other media streaming devices.


Small Form Factor Computers


A Small Form Factor (SFF) computer operates as a small PC that you can mount directly on to your television. These devices are a great alternative, but come with more set-up than others listed in this blog. But for the computer-savvy user – and one who is willing to spend to create a leading home entertainment setup- a SFF computer is a great option.

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