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Is Cloud Storage Private and Secure?

Is Cloud Storage Private and Secure?

 Cloud Storage Private And Secure



You’ve probably considered using cloud storage, or perhaps already are. There are many competitors in the space  – Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, or iCloud to name a few – and all offer users free space on the cloud. But once you put your documents in the cloud, are they safe?


To begin with, nearly all cloud storage requires a password. A unique password incorporating numbers, letters, an adequate number of characters, and avoiding simple words is advisable. A difficult-to-hack password is the first step towards protecting your information.


Data can be hacked en-route, while you’re uploading or downloading files. However, most major providers encrypt data while its uploaded or downloaded, protecting your information. If you’re uploading or downloading through a web app, look at the URL. If the website is a
“HTTPS” rather than a “HTTP,” you can rest assured your information is secure.


Cloud providers, like those mentioned above, have different features to protect your information. Some include advanced firewalls, intrusion detection, event logging, and even encryption for particularly sensitive information. These services’ reputation lay with their customer document security, but if you remained concerned, most outline their safety practices on their websites.


With these protocols in place, cloud data is safe. Weak passwords and phishing attempts from bad actors result in most data breaches, but can be avoided if you follow best practices and remain vigilant. In 2020, your data is as safe in the cloud as it is on your hard drive.

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